Manutec Manganese Sulphate Soluble 500gm (MTO0599)

Product Code : 9312462995000_1

Manutec Manganese Sulphate Soluble 500gm (MTO0599)

Manganese is important as it is needed for the formation of proteins. A lack of manganese is more likely in alkaline soils and has the common symptom of blotchy yellowing between the veins of younger leaves. It is important that applications of Manganese to very acid soils are not to exceed, as a toxic soil condition may result. Manganese Sulphate is highly soluble and helps to correct Manganese deficiency fast and efficiently.

Follow the directions on the package and apply accordingly.

Code: MTO0599
Pack Size:500 g
Product Type: Fertiliser - Trace element
Product Use: To correct Manganese deficiency

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