Manutec Orchid Bloom Booster 500gm (MTO5008)

Product Code : 9312462502222_1

Manutec Orchid Bloom Booster 500gm (MTO5008)

Orchid Bloom Booster is a specific fertiliser developed to enhance the production of Orchid Blooms. It contains the major and minor elements and high level of Potassium which increases the size, colour and number of spikes and blooms. It is recommended to use this product for best results when spikes are forming.

Follow the directions on the package and apply accordingly

Code: MTO5008
N-P-K: 15.8 - 6.7 - 25.3 plus T.E.
Net Weight: 500 g
Product Type: Soluble specific Fertiliser
Product Use: Fertiliser to enhance Orchid blooms

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