Manutec Iron Sulphate Soluble 1Kg (MBP1107)

Product Code : 9312462110717_1

Manutec Iron Sulphate Soluble 1Kg (MBP1107)

Iron is an essential microelement for plants to synthesise Chlorophyll and make use of nitrates. Iron deficiency is common in alkaline soils having higher pH values. In plants such as roses, camellias and some native plants when they are grown in soils not acidic enough for them. Lawns in tropical areas can be more deficient in iron. Iron deficiency is commonly seen during the wet season as the availability is reduced at high pH levels.

Manutec Iron Sulphate is soluble in water and easy to apply both in dry and liquid form. Follow the directions as per the package and use accordingly.

Code: MBP1107
Pack Size: 1 kg
Product Type: Fertiliser - Trace element
Product Use: correct Iron deficiency all plants

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