Manutec Hydoponic Nutrient (2Part) 500gm (MTO5009)

Product Code : 9312462660069_1

Manutec Hydoponic Nutrient (2Part) 500gm (MTO5009)

Manutec Hydroponic nutrient has been formulated for use in all types of hydroponic culture. The product contains all nutrients essential for plants grown in soil-less media for optimum growth without suffering the effects of deficiency. It is suitable for Nutrient Film Technique (NFT), Vermiculite, Sand or other medium culture.

Follow the directions on the package and use accordingly.

Code: MTO5009
N-P-K: 7.6 - 3.1 - 18.2 plus T.E.
Net Weight: 500 g
Product Type: Soluble Specific Fertiliser
Product Use: Fertiliser for Hydroponic plants

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