Manutec Zinc Sulphate Soluble 500gm (MTO0511)

Product Code : 9312462115002_1

Manutec Zinc Sulphate Soluble 500gm (MTO0511)

A lack of Zinc leads to leaf mottling and yellowing in younger leaves with the leaf veins maintaining a dark green colour. Zinc deficiency is commonly known as Little Leaf in apples, grapes and stone fruits and Mottle Leaf in citrus. The early stages of deficiency are identified by yellowing in small areas between the lateral veins of a few leaves. In more advanced stages there is extensive yellowing, leaves are small and dieback often appears. Acute Zinc deficiencies in deciduous fruit trees often results in non-uniform terminal growth, so that they appear lopsided. Deficiencies are more common in coastal regions where the soil is both sandy and acidic.

POISON: (S6) Not to be taken. Keep out of reach of children. Read the safety directions before opening or using.

Manutec Zinc Sulphate is completly soluble in water. Follow the directions on the package and use accordingly.

Code: MTO0511
Pack Size: 500 g
Product Type: Fertiliser - Trace element
Product Use: correct Zinc deficiency in plants

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