Manutec Peat Moss 5L (MBP5650)

Product Code : 9312462050211_1

Manutec Peat Moss 5L (MBP5650)

Peat Moss is a fibrous textured Sphagnum material that is an excellent moisture retainer, holding up to 10 times its own weight in water.

A soil conditioner ? improving both sandy and heavy clay soils low in organic matter.

For mulching ? recommended for potted and outdoor plants such as ferns, palms, roses, staghorns, tree ferns etc. Ideal for acid loving plants, i.e. azaleas, camellias, philodendrons, rhododendrons, gardenias etc.

Adding to potting mixes, improving quality.

Making Propagation Mediums.

Code: MBP5650
Pack Size: 5 Litre
Product Type: Potting mixes and Propagation
Product Use: Potting mixes and mulching etc.

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