Manutec Gypsum 8 Kg (MBP8080)

Product Code : 9312462080225_1

Manutec Gypsum 8 Kg (MBP8080)

Manutec Gypsum improves the structure and drainage of heavy clay soils, making soil more workable and decreasing the risk of root rot. Gypsum is easy to apply and lasts several years. It will not affect soil acidity and will help prevent the build up of salts in soil. Gypsum provides valuable calcium and sulphur. Additional sulphur is often required in very sandy soils. Gypsum can also be used as an additive to compost heaps. Adding gypsum at 1Kg per cubic meter will improve the quality of finished compost.

Follow the directions on the package and apply accordingly.

Code: MBP8080
Pack Size: 8 Kg
Product Type: Soil conditioner
Product Use: to improve heavy clay soils

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