Yates Dynamic Lifter Vegies 7Kg

Product Code : 9310428538827_1

Yates Dynamic Lifter Vegies 7Kg

Product Code: 53882

A special combination of organic ingredients PLUS unique fertilisers designed to help you grow an abundance of home produce that is bursting with flavour. Our formulation is enriched with blood and bone which improves plant growth and root development.

Yates Dynamic Lifter PLUS Vegetable Food is pelletised for easy use and is a complete fertiliser.

Ideal for use on all types of home grown vegetables and herbs
Fortified with extra nutrients for improved flavour and yield of home grown produce
Organically improves soil and encourages earthworms

Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium (NPK Analysis: 6.5 – 1.3 – 6)

As this product contains materials from natural sources, some batch variation may occur.

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