Phormium - Sweet Mist

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Phormium - Sweet Mist

Phormium tenax ''PHOS2'' Sweet Mist

Description: One of the most compact, small forms of Phormium released onto the market. Its beautiful bronze foliage provides stunning colour contrast to the garden. Growing to an approximate height of 35-40cm tall, it provides a great alternative to the garden. Ideal for mass planting as a low border or fill in plant. Its bronze colour makes it an excellent choice for colour contrast against green foliage. Being a smaller form it is well suited to the smaller modern garden. Also good for containers and patios. Grows well in full sun to shaded positions. Tolerates heavy frosts and moderately dry conditions. Suitable for most soil types; can tolerate periods of wet conditions in moderate to cooler climates. In more humid areas, care should be taken to plant in well drained soils. Low maintenance once established. When planting Sweet Mist, ensure the crown or base of the plant is not planted below soil level. Apply course grade mulch to reduce weed growth and to keep the root zone cool and moist. Water as required.

Height: 35-40cm


Planting Conditions: Full sun/part shade - tolerates frost and moderately dry conditions.

Watering Conditions: Water as required

Plant Type: Grass

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