Rose Bush - Thank You Rose

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Rose Bush - Thank You Rose

Description: This magnificent new floribunda has been named for Transplant Australia as a symbol of thanks and gratitude. The award winning floribunda produces clusters of full petalled blooms that have a most desirable colour along with a delicate fragrance. The growth habit of this gorgeous rose is equalled to that of the ever popular Iceberg rose. Plant in location with at least 6 hours of full sun per day in an open, sunny, well drained position. Plant in soils with a medium to heavy loam. Build up with matured cow or sheep manure if required. Do not use fowl manures, replant into old soil where roses have been removed, or use any fertilisers at planting time. Space plants approximately 1m apart. Best times to feed are spring and late summer, or as advised on food packaging. Pruning in July is recommended.

Height: 1.2m


Planting Conditions: Plant in open, well draining position with at least 6 hours of full sun.

Watering Conditions: Water in well when planting.

Plant Type: Shrub

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