Pittosporum Tenuifolium - Screen Master

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Pittosporum Tenuifolium - Screen Master

Description: Screen Master grows much faster, is bushier and sturdier than other Pittosporums of its type (James Stirling, Silver Song, Silver Sheen). It is much more vigorous, bushy, upright and not floppy like its nearest rival Silver Sheen.

Can grow 1 metre per year and trims easily if necessary, requires reasonable drainage but grows well in most soils. Can grow to 5-6 metres depending on the soil quality. Keep moist when establishing and during dry periods.

Height: 5-6m.

Width: 2m.

Growth Rate: 1 metre per year.

Planting Conditions: Full sun; part shade.

Watering Conditions:

Plant Type: Hedging.

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