Pittosporum - Tarata

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Pittosporum - Tarata

Pittosporum eugenioides Variegated - Tarata

Description: Evergreen shrub or small tree, with dense, wavy-edged leaves which are variegated grey-green and creamy white. The leaves have a pleasant citrus-like aroma when crushed. Fast growing pittosporum, ideal for clipped hedges, seaside gardens, screening or as a windbreak. A hardy, easy to grow plant which tolerates most soils and conditions, and is frost hardy. Thrives in moist well drained soil in a sunny, open position and tolerates dry spells. Prune in spring if required. Mulch well and keep moist until established.

Height: 8m


Planting Conditions: Sun/part shade - frost hardy

Watering Conditions: Moderate water requirement

Plant Type: Shrub

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