Thysanolaena Maxima - Tiger Grass

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Thysanolaena Maxima - Tiger Grass

Thysanolaena MThysanolaena Maxima - Tiger Grass

Description: The non-invasive Bamboo alternative! Add Tiger Grass to your outdoor living area and feel the serenity, Asian style. This exotic tropical grass, native to SE Asia and India, is an excellent substitute for bamboo. Its long, lance-shaped leaves run the length of its slender stems. Tiger Grass is fast growing and forms large clumps, typically to 2.5m height, less in patio pots. A tropical lifestyle plant! Prefers a moist soil, shaded location. Provides a natural privacy or wind screen, hedging and soil stabilisation. Perfect to intermingle with other exotic foliage, or as a feature in patio tubs. Low maintenance, although Tiger Grass requires regular watering during the warmer months. Tolerant to neglect! Cut back or remove old stems.

Height: 2-3m

Spread: 1m

Planting Conditions: Full sun/part shade - frost sensitive

Watering Conditions: Moderate watering requirement

Plant Type: Grass

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