Rose Standard 3ft - Joyfulness

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Rose Standard 3ft - Joyfulness

Rose Hybrid Tea Rose - Joyfulness

Description: Large clusters of open, cupped, slightly fragrant, double blooms in shades of apricot, cream and pink. Vigorous bushy growth. Prefers sunny, well drained position. Prepare soil months ahead of planting. Dig in fresh soil, good compost or very old animal manure. Build up bed to improve poor drainage. Keep plants moist before and after planting. Plant in holes 15-20cm deep on a mound, for bare rooted stock, Fill in, firm well and water. If plant is in a container do not break the root ball when planting. The hole should be larger than the root ball and back filled with soil to give roots an easy start. Fertiliser can be applied to the surface after growth starts. Best times to feed are in August and February. Pruning in July is recommended.



Planting Conditions: Prefers sunny, well drained position.

Watering Conditions: Keep plants moist before and after planting.

Plant Type: Rose

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