Pimelea Ferruginea - Pink Solitaire

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Pimelea Ferruginea - Pink Solitaire

Description: Pink Solitaire is a spectacular miniature shrub featuring a very compact habit and magenta pink flowers. This drought tolerant native plant fills larger patio pots with bright green glossy foliage and gorgeous pom-pom blooms that flower from the end of each shoot. Enjoy pink solitaire in your garden or as part of your patio living area especially as the nectar-rich flowers will attract colourful butterflies. Flowers in spring. Very versatile variety, ideal for gardens, border planting, rockeries and containers. For borders plant 50cm apart. Adaptable to a variety of soils provided they have moderate to good drainage. Trim off spent flowers and apply a small handful of general purpose slow release fertiliser after each flush of blooms to promote plant shape and encourage more flowers.

Height: 50cm

Spread: 50cm

Planting Conditions: Full Sun

Watering Conditions: Drought Tolerant

Plant Type:

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