Lomandra Longifolia - Easy As

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Lomandra Longifolia - Easy As

Description: Bomb-Proof! Easy As is a super tough, native grass that grows from an underground rhizome. Its highly drought tolerant, frost hardy, even flood tolerant. A good choice for low-to-no maintenance gardens or any site needing soil stabilisation. Enjoys full sun or part shade but not suited to the tropics. Grows in a range of soil types from sandy to clay. Has a symmetrical shape with narrow, slightly pendulous foliage. This tough, drought hardy plant will thrive where most other plants won''t. Usually planted in multiples to fill voids in difficult sites. Feed with a complete, controlled release fertiliser once a year to ensure strong growth. You can trim the plant to any size, even cut it back to ground level, after which it will re-shoot from uts underground rhizomatous root system.

Height: 1m

Spread: 1m

Planting Conditions: Full sun/part shade

Watering Conditions: Drought tolerant and frost hardy

Plant Type: Native Grass

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