Ozothamnus - Radiance

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Ozothamnus - Radiance

Ozothamnus Diosmifolius Radiance (Rice Flower)

Description: Australian native everlasting daisy. Radiance is a truly rewarding plant that radiates a near continual display of papery, white flower clusters. It is a very floriferous variety that is rarely out of bloom. Radiance is a very neat, clean plant that naturally self cleans as flowers mature. A special and surprising feature of this variety is its aromatic foliageā€¦ when crushed, the leaves smell like curry! Enjoy Radiance in your garden or as part of your patio living area. Flowers almost all year round. Is a small, quick growing compact, hardy shrub. Use in small gardens or containers. Excellent as a low hedge. The long lasting flowers will attract butterflies and are perfect for cut flowers. Radiance prefers a well drained soil or potting mix. Sprinkle a small handful of slow release fertiliser for native plants around the base of the plant in spring. If planted in the ground, no irrigation will be needed after the initial establishment period. Prune lightly in late autumn.

Height: 2m

Spread: 1m

Planting Conditions: Full sun/part shade - tolerant of light frost, drought and coastal conditions.

Watering Conditions: No irrigation is required once plant is established.

Plant Type: Native

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