Trachycarpus Fortunei - Chinese Windmill Palm

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Trachycarpus Fortunei - Chinese Windmill Palm

Description: A great palm that can be used in a variety of situations, especially in cool areas. The Chinese Windmill Palm is tolerant of cold weather, and has been grown as far south as Tasmania! Often sold as Chamaerops Excelsa.

The palm requires humidity, adequate moisture and well-drained position; it is generally grown as an outdoor specimen in warmer climates. Used widely for landscaping around pools, buildings, parks and gardens, and as a patio feature plant.

May also be grown indoors in cooler climates, providing it is kept moist in Summer, and drier in Winter. Keep leaves free from dust. Feed with a slow release fertilizer as required.

If the outer leaves begin to turn brown the plant is simply adjusting to the conditions, or they may have reached their life expectancy. Be careful not to over water, as this can also cause browning on the tips. In some cases, palms do prefer to be slightly potbound, so if re-potting is required, do not overpot. Remove any unsightly foliage.

Height: Average height outdoors to 10m.

Planting Conditions: Full sun/part shade; wind tolerant; indoor filtered sun; ideal tub or patio plant.

Watering Conditions: Requires moderate watering.

Plant Type: Palm.

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