Prunus Cerasifera - Oakville Crimson Spire

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Prunus Cerasifera - Oakville Crimson Spire

An exciting new form of Prunus cerasifera with a fastigiate habit, richly coloured foliage and attractive spring blossom. An excellent urban tree, its hardy and adaptable nature makes it an ideal garden, screening and street tree especially where lateral space is restricted.

Height: 6 metre(s)

Width: 2 metre(s)

Growth rate: Moderate.
Habit: A fastigiate tree with a compact uniform habit with the branches almost parallel to the main trunk.

Foliage: Young foliage emerges a reddish bronze, darkening slightly when mature with a darker underside. Best colour is achieved in full sun.

Flowers: White flowers with pinkish-red stamens are borne in dense clusters of 3 to 5 blooms. Flowers emerge with foliage in early to mid-spring.

Fruit:Globose fruits to 25 mm may be produced under certain conditions.

Bark: Young stems are purple-grey and smooth, becoming darker with age.

Tolerances: Hot sites and to a variety of site conditions once established, but prefers moist, well drained fertile soils and a position receiving full sun.

Comments: Flowers best in full sun. A recent introduction of a selection made in Australia. Shows promise as a popular garden plant and as a street tree.

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