Acer rubrum 'Fairview Flame'

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Acer rubrum ''Fairview Flame''

Family: Aceraceae.

Landscape value: This vigorous, well structured tree with spectacular and reliable autumn foliage colour is possibly one of the best red maple cultivars available. A suitable choice for larger areas in landscaping as a shade or specimen tree.

Height: 11 metre(s)

Width: 7 metre(s)

Growth rate: Moderate.

Habit: Oval to moderately ovate.

Foliage: Mid- to dark green three- to five-lobed leaves changing to multi colours in autumn.

Flowers: Small red female flowers appearing before the leaves emerge in spring.

Fruit: Samaras produced in pairs.

Bark: Thin, dark grey and roughly textured. The young twigs are bright red.

Tolerances: Adapts to a wide range of climatic and soil conditions including moderately wet soils. Moderate tolerance to air pollution and compaction.

Comments: Will not tolerate excessively dry soils. Full sun to part shade with best growth and colour in full sun. Avoid pruning in late winter and early spring. One of Fleming''s LipstickĀ® Tree range. Performs best in full sun.

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