Cercis canadensis - Forest Pansy

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Cercis canadensis - Forest Pansy

Family: Fabaceae.

Landscape value: A superb small tree that is an excellent choice for a landscape where a colourful, elegant, purple-leafed tree is required. This tree is easily adapted as a multi-stemmed or central leader tree depending on requirements. A consistent performer, ideal for small areas.

Height: 5 metre(s)

Width: 5 metre(s)

Habit: Open and low branching, forming a flat-topped canopy. The young branches have a distinct ''zig-zag'' habit.

Foliage: Large heart-shaped leaves open up in spring to a brilliant eye-catching shade of reddish-purple with a velvety-satin appearance, deepening to purplish-black then fading to purplish-green in summer. Generally exhibits brilliant yellow to orange autumn colours.

Flowers: Masses of small, pink, ''pea''-like flowers borne in groups along the branches before the leaves appear in spring.

Fruit: Overseas literature refers to pods 50-80 mm long. Not observed in Australia to date.

Bark: Dark reddish-brown, becoming rougher and greyer with age.

Tolerances: Wide range including acid or alkaline soils but is easily stressed and resents prolonged dry or very wet sites.

Comments: Prefers a moist, deep, well drained fertile soil. Best foliage colour in full sun, but avoid hot, exposed and windy sites. Overseas reports indicate a susceptibility to canker. Has become highly sought-after in recent years.

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