Betula pendula - Silver Birch

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Betula pendula - Silver Birch

Family: Betulaceae.

Landscape value: The popular Silver Birch is commonly planted in residential gardens around temperate Australia for its white trunk and fresh green foliage. Good when planted in odd numbered groups to create an attractive copse in parks and larger gardens.

Height: 10 metre(s)

Width: 6 metre(s)

Growth rate: Moderate.

Habit: Pyramidal to narrowly ovate. Branch tips are often pendulous.

Foliage: Bright green, triangular to diamond-shaped leaves with a doubly serrate margin. Yellow autumn colour. The autumn foliage colour is better in cool areas.

Flowers: Male and female flowers are borne separately on the same plant (monoecious) in long, pale green, paired catkins during spring.

Fruit: Small winged nutlets borne in a pendulous ''cone'' (a strobilus) that sheds in autumn.

Bark: Bronzy-grey when young, later turning papery whit. Becoming roughly fissured with greyish-black patches on the trunk as it ages.

Tolerances: Prefers a moist, well drained soil, but will tolerate relatively wet or dry positions for short periods. Adaptable to varied pH values.

Comments: If pruning is required, it should be carried out in late summer or early autumn, as pruning in late winter or early spring causes the tree to ''bleed'' excessively.

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