Acer x freemanii - Jeffersred - Autumn Blaze

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Acer x freemanii - Jeffersred - Autumn Blaze

Landscape value: This well structured and very adaptable tree features some of the best autumn foliage colourings of the hybrid red maples, but is most useful as a medium to large shade tree for car parks, amenity areas around buildings, medium to large properties and for street, avenue or park plantings.

Height:13 metre(s)
Width: 10 metre(s)
Growth rate: Moderate.
Habit: Oval to rounded with a straight central leader. Dense and uniform.
Foliage: Deeply lobed, rich green leaves, changing to intense red in early autumn.
Flowers: Insignificant. Small red flowers. Female.

A selection from a cross between A. rubrum and A. saccharinum, this tree is now widely planted in Australia, where it combines the best attributes of its parents. Prefers full sun for best growth and colour development. One of Fleming''s Lipstick Tree range.

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