Malus x atrosanguinea - Gorgeous

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Malus x atrosanguinea - Gorgeous

Landscape value: A highly ornamental small tree valued for its excellent white spring display and its crimson-red fruit. A good choice for small landscapes where space is restricted.

Height: 3 metre(s)

Width: 3 metre(s)

Growth rate: Slow.

Habit: Upright and open when young, rounded and spreading as the tree matures.

Foliage: Shiny, dark green.

Flowers: Numerous whitish-pink flowers borne in umbels mid-spring. Pink when in bud. Generally makes an excellent floral display.

Fruit: Globular pomes to 25 mm wide on long pedicels, ripening to crimson-red in early autumn to winter. Highly ornamental.

Bark: Greyish-brown. Shiny, becoming scaly.

Tolerances: Adaptable to a wide range of conditions but best in deep, rich, well drained soils and a position in full sun. Quite good resistance to apple scab.

Comments: May be susceptible to powdery mildew. Excellent source of fruit for crab apple jelly. Also available top-grafted onto a ‘tall’ standard at approximately 1.8 metres.

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