Buxus sempervirens suffruticosa - Dwarf Edging Box (Dutch Box)

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Buxus sempervirens suffruticosa - Dwarf Edging Box (Dutch Box)

Description: As its name describes, this plant is used as a border and is ideal for parterre gardens. Dwarf Edging Box has a very round, dark green leaf and a slow growth rate, which results in less trimming. It can be used as the traditional square-shaped hedge or planted further apart to create a feature hedge of small, rounded domes. Dwarf Edging Box is versatile and will suit all garden themes.

Plant in well-drained soil, making sure water does not pool at the base of the plant. Fertilise with a complete slow release fertiliser in Spring and Autumn. Trim the hedge after new growth appears. Removing half of the new growth will allow the hedge after new growth appears, will allow the hedge to form slowly, densely and evenly. Continue to do this until the hedge is at the required height.

Height: 1m.
Width: 1m (plant 25cm apart).
Growth Rate: Slow.
Planting Conditions: Full sun/semi shade; tolerates light frost.
Watering Conditions: Keep well watered in Summer.
Plant Type: Hedging.

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