Syzygium - Lilly Pilly Standard

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Syzygium - Lilly Pilly Standard

Description: Lilly Pillys are varieties of trees and shrubs which are grown for their rich, colourful foliage and fruit. Lilly Pillys make ideal standard specimens as their dense growth habit allows them to be clipped regularly, additionally they have a non-invasive root system.
Standard Lilly Pillys are excellent feature plants for use in tubs, patios and formal gardens. Lilly Pillys prefer a full sun to lightly shaded position. If planted in a tub in a partly shaded position rotate regularly towards the light. Prune regularly to maintain shape.
Plant Lilly Pillys in fertile, well drained soil and mulch well using organic material. Water well during warm weather. Use premium potting mix when planting in containers.



Planting Conditions: Full Sun, Part Shade

Watering Conditions:

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