Let us inspire your dream garden.

There are many different ways to create borders in your garden, whether it be for privacy, division or as a feature.

Buxus mircophylla var. japonica
Syzygium Big Red
Photinia Red Robin

Planter Boxes

Make a statement with contrast in small spaces such as borders, garden beds and planter boxes.

Olive Trees & Buxus Border
Euphorbia sp. Dichondra Silver Falls                 Olive Tree & Box Hedge Agapanthus

There is a variety for every size & style of garden.
Teddy Bear Magnolia

Low Maintenance
A beautiful garden does not need to be high maintenance.

Australian Natives
Hardy, easy care & low water requirement.
Callistemon citrinus
Banksia spinulosa
Casuarina glauca

Pots & Planters
Pots make use of vertical space and help to create a feature in an area that would otherwise be lost.
Asher Trough

Small Space, Big Impact
Maximising vertical space with wall planters & tall plants can really amplify the space.
DIY Succulent Wall Planter  Feature Palm  Star Jasmin Wall Feature  DIY Wooden Planter

Indoor Plants
Adding greenery to your patio & interior living areas really freshens up the space.
Elkhorn Fern Tripod Trio with Draceana  Sansevieria   Giant Bird of Paradise

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