LAV Hanging Pot - Blue - Large LAV Hanging Pot - Blue - Large

LAV Hanging Pot - Blue - Large

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LAV Hanging Pot - Blue - Large

Give your garden space the touch of wonderful handcrafted ceramic for that utterly delightful feel. The textured blue coloured hanging pot comes in a set of two that makes them so very appealing. Knotted on top - the rope hanging keep them safe from disbalancing and thus help make an elevated display for your wonderful flowering or foliar greens.

Give your garden spaces the touch of ceramic wonder. After all, with your plants staying clear off the floor, they not only help give your floor spaces more free and airy feel but help give your plants the vantage spot for being admired for their complete beauty. Especially great for creepers that can droop down the side of the pots. The rope it comes with slots through the holes built into the pot and it will help keep the balance well. The blue colour of course will be admired as much as the look it will lend to your plants.

Dimensions: 19x19x14cm

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