LAV Low Script Hanger Planter LAV Low Script Hanger Planter

LAV Low Script Hanger Planter

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LAV Low Script Hanger Planter

This planter features a sturdy rope to keep the planter in place when hanged, and beads for a traditional accent look. Its charming white colour provokes elegance and will brighten up any room it is placed. Ceramic is an ideal container for a houseplant. This planter is quite versatile, safe for indoor and outdoor use.

Homeowners looking for the best way to add attractive greenery into their homes can do so with minimal effort using this planter. Hanging planters comes in handy for plants with tendril; this will prevent those plants from drying up or overcrowding the ground. Climbing plants made impressive scenery when its lush and adequately looked after.

Size: 17.5x17.5x8.5cm + hanger

Colour: Natural

Material: Ceramic, Rope

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