LAV Shoe Planter with Frogs LAV Shoe Planter with Frogs

LAV Shoe Planter with Frogs

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LAV Shoe Planter with Frogs

For a finishing touch in one''s garden. Frogs are adored for their impressive trait to change colour to blend with the surrounding habitat. The frog sculpture further intensifies the charm of this piece. Planter Shoe with Frog is a charming piece that would match every home interior and exterior decor. A custom-made piece by professional crafters. The green hand-painted piece is spattered with shades of yellow-gold. It has a glossy finishing enhancing finesse.

The unglazed porous element would allow moisture and air movement. Have we mentioned that ceramics is chosen because of its high hardness, high strength and excellent wear resistance? This ability affirms to its long life span. Ceramic planters are sturdier. Their probability of tipping over is quite rare. Planter Shoe with Frog is perfect for use in one''s entryway, or front porch. It can give an eye-catching appeal when it is mounted on a table or countertop.

Dimensions: 19x10x12cm

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