LAV Tall Duck With Black Dots LAV Tall Duck With Black Dots

LAV Tall Duck With Black Dots

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LAV Tall Duck With Black Dots


Description: The tall, black dots duck is such is a masterpiece of elegant artwork that deserves a special display stand of its own. Everything about this visually appealing duck-model points to a refined sense of elegance. Despite being a country decorative item, its look tends to argue for a modern classification. This duck would attract to itself even those who fear ducks! And, it needs no advertisement, no description, the stunning black dotted looks is enough to captivate the attention of anyone. This duck features a brilliant motif achieved through the perfectly suited colours and patterns. The duck''s feathers are painted in white colour which is then elegantly dotted in black right from the top of its head all through the back and ending at the tail feathers while leaving the belly region a beautiful unspotted white. It is made with quality resin.

Size: 14.5 x 10.5 x 30.5cm


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