Lavender - Blueberry Ruffles 140mm Pot Lavender - Blueberry Ruffles 140mm Pot

Lavender - Blueberry Ruffles 140mm Pot

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Lavender - Blueberry Ruffles 140mm Pot

Lavandula pendunculata Blueberry Ruffles

Description of plant at maturity:
Lovers of lavenders will delight in the delicious selection of colours available in the RUFFLES collection ranging from a more traditional lilac colour through to pinks. Their aesthetic appeal does not end there as the chunky bracts atop the flower heads are distinctively rippled along their margins to give the ruffled appearance for which they have been named.

Compact and neat in habit they are ideal for small garden spaces or container culture in entertainment areas. As with most lavenders - they are dry tolerant once established and require only minimal maintenance.

Ruffles are more compact in habit with flowers sitting just above the foliage and are more tolerant of the humid conditions in our norther regions than many other types of lavender currently available on the market.

A light prune after main flowering flush followed by another during late summer will encourage a bushy habit whilst a nutritional boost of slow release fertiliser during spring would be beneficial to overall performance.

Small gardens, containers, hedging, aromatic gardens, childrens gardens.
Great around entrance ways, paths or entertainment areas where brushing the foliage will release its aromatic scent.

Position: Full sun

Height: 60cm

Width: 80cm

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