Lavender - Iceberry Ruffles 140mm Pot Lavender - Iceberry Ruffles 140mm Pot

Lavender - Iceberry Ruffles 140mm Pot

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Lavender - Iceberry Ruffles 140mm Pot

Lavandula hybrid Iceberry Ruffles

Description of plant at maturity:
The refined silver foliage is the perfect match for the rich purple flowers that sit so neatly atop the dense cushion of leaves. It’s tidy shape and flowerful display make this selection a winner for pots, garden edges and mixed flower borders. Deep-violet flowers with purple ribbons that totally cover the plant. Spot flowering after spring flush. Neat and compact silver foliage. Easy and long-lasting flower show. Easy-care plant with exceptional flower display.

Low to medium water requirements. Tolerates dry spells but will appreciate a soak during extended dry periods. Remove spent flower heads to encourage further displays. Fertilise in late winter for optimum results. Frost tolerant. Suitable for coastal regions.

Position: Full sun

Height: 50cm

Width: 50cm

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