Lawnporn - Charger 1L Lawnporn - Charger 1L

Lawnporn - Charger 1L

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Lawnporn - Charger 1L

- Rapid recovery from incidences of plant stress
- Rapid green up response for improved turf colour and appearance all year round
- Dual nitrogen source for fast and efficient uptake by the plant

Specifically formulated to promote lateral turf growth and enhance colour. Unique blend of macro and micro-nutrients with hormone growth promoters maximise the developmental potential, resulting in rapid establishment, growth or recovery.

Charger with its 1:1 ratio of N:K, along with other proprietary ingredients, has been formulated to assist turfgrass in periods of stress, and help regain and maintain health and vigour when needed the most.

Potassium (K) is referred to as the turf ‘toughener’ and its main purpose is to improve stress tolerance within the plant. It is an ideal element to be used in conjunction with nitrogen (N), as while N produces cell growth, potassium strengthens the walls of the cell, hardening it to stresses such as disease and pest infestation. As K reduces in the plant, the most common concern is adverse water relationships and drought stress as stomatal control becomes less efficient and transpiration increases as the stomata stay open. This results in higher water use, rapid onset of drought stress and wilt, greater high temperature stress and loss of cell tugor pressure.

Suitable for turf lawns of all varieties. Appply with a hand sprayer in a minumum of 5L water per 100m2. Repeat every 14-28 days when a high growth rate is required.
Rate: 200-500mL/100m2

Guaranteed minimum analysis:
7.2% Total Nitrogen
7.2% Potassium (as nitrate)
4.0% Iron (as sulphate)
2.0% Manganese (as sulphate)
0.22% Zinc (as nitrate)
3.6% Sulphur

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