Lemon - Thornless 250mm Pot Lemon - Thornless 250mm Pot

Lemon - Thornless 250mm Pot

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Lemon - Thornless 250mm Pot

Citrus x limon

Description of plant at maturity:
Popularity: The Thornless lemon originated in South Australia! It is similar to Eureka in terms of growth habit and fruit quality, but produces thinner-skinned fruit and has very few to no thorns.

Fruit: Medium sized juicy fruit with thinner skin than the Eureka. Few to no seeds.

Tree: Growth is thornless at maturity, but new growth may still have small thorns. Similar spreading habit to Eureka. The regular variety grows 4m wide by 6m high at maturity. The dwarf form will only reach 2 x 3m.

Main Harvest: It will produce its largest crop in summer, but fruits near year round.

The Thornless lemon is ideal for the child-friendly garden. It is also suitable for espailer.

Care: Water during the warmer months, especially when fruits are forming. In containers water every three to four days, more often in hot weather. Do not water the trunk. Fertilise in Spring and late Summer - early Autumn with a fertilizer high in nitrogen but do not allow to touch the trunk. Prune in late Spring, removing inside weak growth and to shape the tree.

Planting: Add organic matter to the soil before planting. Dig hole twice the width of the container. Remove plant from the container and place in the hole so the soil level is the same as the surrounding ground. Fill hole firmly, and water in well, even if the soil is moist. If planting in a container, use a premium potting mix. The container should be a minimum size of 60cm x 60cm.

Watering: Moderate water requirement.

Position: Plant in a sunny position with moist well-drained soil. Protect from strong winds.

Height: 4-6m

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