Lemon - Yuzu 200mm Pot Lemon - Yuzu 200mm Pot

Lemon - Yuzu 200mm Pot

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Lemon - Yuzu 200mm Pot

Citrus junos

Description of plant at maturity:
Popularity: The Yuzu lemon has a distinct tart-flavour that resembles grapefruit. It is mainly used in Japanese and Korean cooking.

Fruit: Large sized fruit with lots of seeds. Rarely eaten fresh, it is popular for making marmalade, sauces and preserves. The zest is also be used for cooking and decoration.

Tree: An extremely thorny, vigorous grower, the Yuzu is a hardy tree. It is very frost tolerant.

Main Harvest: Crops from April through to September.

Yuzu is perfect for cooler areas, and where its unique flavour can be appreciated.

Position: Full sun

Height: 5m

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