Lemon Verbena 115mm Pot (VN) Lemon Verbena 115mm Pot (VN)

Lemon Verbena 115mm Pot (VN)

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Lemon Verbena 115mm Pot (VN)

Aloysia triphylla (syn. A. citriodora, Lippia citriodora) - Lemon Verbena

Description of plant at maturity:
Sprays of tiny white or purple flowers appear in summer above strongly lemon-scented leaves. A tall, ideal herb in gardens or mixed borders. Use leaves to make a fragrant herbal tea and cut flowers make a delightfully scented bouquet. Grow in a sunny to partly shaded position in moist, well drained soil. Tip prune during the growing season to keep plants neat and compact.

Position: Full sun/part shade

Height: 2-3m

Blooming season: Summer

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Categories: Herbs