Licuala - Australian Fan Palm 200mm Pot Licuala - Australian Fan Palm 200mm Pot

Licuala - Australian Fan Palm 200mm Pot

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Licuala - Australian Fan Palm 200mm Pot

Licuala ramsayii - Australian Fan Palm

Description of plant at maturity:
A spectacular Australian palm with large circular fronds at the end of long arching petioles. Slender trunk. Makes an attractive pot or tub specimen when young.

Generally grown as an outdoor specimen in warmer climates, where they require humidity, adequate moisture and a well drained position. Used widely for landscaping around pools, buildings, parks and gardens, and as a patio feature plant.

May also be grown indoors in cooler climates, providing it is kept moist in summer and drier in winter. Keep leaves free from dust. Feed with slow release fertiliser as required. Adequate warmth, filtered light and humidity is also required. If the outer leaves begin to turn brown, the plant is simply adjusting to the conditions, or they have just reached their life expectancy.

Be careful not to overwater, as this can cause browning on the tips. In some cases, palms do prefer to be slightly potbound, so if re-potting is reqyured, don''t over pot. Remove any unsightly foliage.

Position: Part shade/full shade/indoors filtered light

Height: 8m outdoors

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