Lime - Buddhas Hand 250mm Pot Lime - Buddhas Hand 250mm Pot

Lime - Buddhas Hand 250mm Pot

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Lime - Buddhas Hand 250mm Pot

Citrus medica

Description of plant at maturity:
Popularity: The Buddha''s Hand is an extremely unique citrus tree, producing large fruit that resemble a disfigured hand.

Fruit: The fruit is grown for its zest and peel, rather than the fruit/pulp. They are not very juicy, but the skin offers great fragrance.

Tree: The Buddha''s Hand Lime will grow to 5m tall. It is quite thorny.

Main Harvest: It will fruit from Winter to Spring each year.

Uses: The zest offers great flavour to desserts and fresh drinks. It is also popular for candying, as well as decoration where the fragrance can be enjoyed.

Position: Full sun

Height: 5m

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