Lomandra - Tanika 150mm Pot (VN) Lomandra - Tanika 150mm Pot (VN)

Lomandra - Tanika 150mm Pot (VN)

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Lomandra - Tanika 150mm Pot (VN)

Lomandra longifolia - Tanika

Description of plant at maturity:
An improved compact fine leaf form of the popular Lomandra longifolia. This attractive deep green variety is a graceful, versatile plant with attractive yellow flower heads in early Spring.

Ideal for mass planting or specimen planting in garden beds and borders. A great alternative for Liriope in Japanese foliage or other ornamental gardens.

Position in full sun to shaded positions. Will also tolerate exposed and windy sites, frost, drought, hot or humid positions. Performs well in heavy clay or free draining soils.

Tanika is low maintenance once established. Very little care needed. Occasionally use a slow release fertiliser to maintain the lush green foliage. Every 3-4years trim back to 30cm above ground level; only if required.

Position: Full sun/part shade

Height: 60cm

Width: 60cm

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