Manutec - Boron 500g Manutec - Boron 500g

Manutec - Boron 500g

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Manutec - Boron 500g

The importance of Boron to the healthy development of plants is that it is vital to the growth of plant tissue, ie. tissue in young shoots, flowers, fruits and root systems. A deficiency in Boron results in the breakdown of internal tissue. This condition is often found in apples, beetroot and turnips, where it is commonly referred to as ‘brown heart’. Similar breakdown in tissue occurs in the flower buds of cauliflower and in the stems of celery. Boron deficiencies very common is alkaline (high pH) soil conditions.

Boron is commonly supplemented through Sodium Borate (also commonly called Borax) and Boric acid. Manutec Boron is Sodium Borate (Borax).

Boron (B) present as Sodium Borate W/N 11.3%

Directions for use:
Dissolve 5g to each litre of water. Water the plant as normal. Where severe tissue breakdown is evident, repeat the application 2 to 3 times at weekly intervals.
Note: Though foliar sprays provide a quick relief due to fast absorption and action, the effect will be very temporary, once the nutrients are utilised, plants will again hunt for nutrients from the soil, so it is always advisable also to supplement soils regularly to avoid severity of deficiency. Apply dissolved solution enough to saturate soil soil surrounding roots or drip zone.

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