Mulberry - Morus Hicks Fancy 420mm Pot* Mulberry - Morus Hicks Fancy 420mm Pot*

Mulberry - Morus Hicks Fancy 420mm Pot*

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Mulberry - Morus Hicks Fancy 420mm Pot*

Morus nigra

Description of plant at maturity:
An attractive tree producing juicy, red fruit for many months. A fast-growing deciduous tree that produces fruit at an early age and eventually forms a large, spreadiing tree that is very long-lived. The dark green foliage creates good shade. Ripe fruit is red and is produced over an extended period from late spring. Self fertile.

Plant in a sunny position, with plenty of space to grow. Requires some winter chilling so it is not suited to tropical climates. Dry sandy soils may result in premature fruit drop.

Enrich soil with well-rotted compost and mulch well after planting. Take a little care to avoid the juice as it can stain in fabric (soak out in cold water).

Eat berries fresh from the tree. Fresh fruit will keep a few days in the fridge, but only pick the ripe fruit, as fruit will not ripen off the tree. Jams, sauces, jellies, pie fillings and wine can all be made from mulberries.

Plant type: Deciduous

Position: Sun

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