Multicrop Eco Pest Oil RTU 1L Multicrop Eco Pest Oil RTU 1L

Multicrop Eco Pest Oil RTU 1L

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Multicrop Eco Pest Oil RTU 1L

EcoPest Oil protects plants with two-way action 1; EcoPest Oil deters pest insects from laying eggs and feeding off your plants, 2; It blocks the pest insects breathing air holes (spiracles) and lines their breathing tubes (tracheae) which suffocates or drowns the insect. In some cases EcoPest Oil poisons the insect by interacting with the fatty acids of the pest and interfering with their normal metabolism.

EcoPest Oil has been trialled on a wide range of plants including citrus and other horticultural
crops such as tropical fruit, floriculture, olives, a large range of pome and stone fruit, nuts and
berries, bananas, cotton, ornamentals and vegetables and continually provides superior efficacy in
the management of a range of pests such as scale, mites & sucking pests.

EcoPest® Oil uses a food-grade iso-paraffinic oil with a purity of greater than 98% (the industry
standard is 92%). EcoPest®‘s purity is unmatched and the highest practically achievable with
current technology any where in the world.

- Kills Scale, mites, aphids & other pests
- Excellent on citrus and roses
- Eco-friendly
- Highest purity oil
- Less burning, more effective
- Organic Certified (NASAA Certified 3264M)

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