Neutrog Gyganic Fruit & Citrus 1.5Kg Neutrog Gyganic Fruit & Citrus 1.5Kg

Neutrog Gyganic Fruit & Citrus 1.5Kg

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Neutrog Gyganic Fruit & Citrus 1.5Kg

Gyganic for Veggies, Fruit & Citrus has been specifically developed to enhance fruit size, quality and taste. Gyganic is a premium organic based, chemically boosted complete fertiliser with the full range of nutrients in an organic form, coupled with boosted levels of Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P), Potassium (K), Iron (Fe) and Magnesium (Mg). Gyganic’s unique organic base of manure, humates and rock phosphate have been composted and blended with the biologically active GOGO Juice containing kelp and seaweed – producing a very nutritious organic base product high in organic carbon.

- Suitable for veggies, fruit and citrus
- Specifically designed to enhance fruit size, quality and taste
- Premium organic fertiliser
- Blended with active Gogo Juice
- Pellet form
- Ratio 7:4:9 (with boosted levels of N, P, K, Fe and Mg)

Apply evenly to pre-soaked soil around the drip line of the plant, avoiding contact with foliage or flowers. Water again well.

Established trees and other fruiting plants – apply 100g (1 scoop) after signs of new season growth, and every 8-10 weeks thereafter throughout the growing season. Increase amount dependent on plant size, to a maximum of 500g per application.

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