Neutrog Rocket Fuel 800g Neutrog Rocket Fuel 800g

Neutrog Rocket Fuel 800g

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Neutrog Rocket Fuel 800g

Create your own organic fruit and vegetables by giving them a blast through applying Rocket Fuel - specifically developed for growing healthy organic fruit and vegetables. Contains the full range of plant nutrients in a natural form.

- Organic fertiliser for fruit and vegetables
- One application required each season
- Pellet form
- A.C.O. Registered

Suitable to use on all plants including natives and bare-rooted roses.
To plant vegetables, fruit trees and general plants, use 100g per square metre.
For established vegetables, apply 50g per square metre every 6 weeks through the growing period.
For young established trees and mature general plants, use 100g each season. For mature trees over 2 years, double the application to 200g.

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