Neutrog Upsurge 7.5kg Neutrog Upsurge 7.5kg

Neutrog Upsurge 7.5kg

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Neutrog Upsurge 7.5kg

- Organic based, boosted fertiliser
- Ideal for turf
- Improves soil structure and earthworm activity
- Increases resistance to pests and disease
- Increases root growth
- Provides primary source of nutrients
- Unlocks nutrients previously locked in the soil
- Ratio 8:1:4 – plus the full range of secondary nutrients and micronutrients in a natural form.

Upsurge is a boosted organic fertiliser that aids water retention and provides a full rangee of plant nutrients in a slow release form. Water soluble nutrients maximise the performance of each application. Suitable for all soil types. Crumble form breaks down faster for quicker absorption. Water holding capacity approx. 30-35%, organic matter 35-40%.

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