Pear - Corella 330mm Pot Pear - Corella 330mm Pot

Pear - Corella 330mm Pot

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Pear - Corella 330mm Pot

Pear Corella

Description of plant at maturity:
Pears require full sun and deep, well-drained soil with plenty of moisture. The first fruits may not appear until 3 years after planting, but a healthy tree may produce over 20kg in a season, and can remain productive for up to 75 years. Fruit will not ripen on the tree. Pick when mature but firm (they should snap off easily) and ripen at room temperature.

Fruit: Medium oblong pyriform-shape.
Skin: Red blush on exposed side with green-yellow background.
Flesh: White, crisp, juicy, fine texture, good flavour.
Maturity: Ripens late March.
Pollinators: Packhams Triumph, Ya Li, partially self-fertile.
Comments: Very hard to get pollination due to its early flowering. Eat fresh, or in salads.

Plant type: Deciduous Fruit Tree

Position: Full Sun

Watering: Keep moist (particularly in dry conditions)

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