Philodendron - Lickety Split 200mm Pot (VN) Philodendron - Lickety Split 200mm Pot (VN)

Philodendron - Lickety Split 200mm Pot (VN)

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Philodendron - Lickety Split 200mm Pot (VN)

Philodendron selloum

Description of plant at maturity:
Add a slice of the tropics in your home or garden. Low maintenance, indoor or outdoor use.

Lickety Split is a vigorous, self-heading (non-vining) variety. One of the most notable characteristics of Lickety Split is as it matures, each new leaf is different from the last, with more fingers, more frill, more something giving the overall plant an everchanging appearance.

Suitable house, office or landscaping plant that will bring a tropical feel to your garden or home. Performs best under full sun, but will comfortably grow under shade. Not suitable for growing in alpine zones.

Protect from freezing conditions. If exposed to prolonged periods of frost, leaves and stems may detach from the plant. New growth will reappear in spring.

Flowering only occurs after plant nears maturity, usually after 5-10 years. For continual good health and growth, use a controlled slow release fertiliser.

Position: Full sun/shade/bright indoor position

Height: 1m

Width: 1m

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