Plectranthus - Mona Lavender 140mm Pot Plectranthus - Mona Lavender 140mm Pot

Plectranthus - Mona Lavender 140mm Pot

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Plectranthus - Mona Lavender 140mm Pot

Plectranthus Mona Lavender

Description of plant at maturity:
A new and particularly attractive form of plectranthus that does not spread like other members of the family, but rather forms a neat low shrub with an upright, erect habit. Numerous spikes of lavender coloured flowers begin to appear from late summer through autumn complementing the ornamental foliage of deep green leaves with dark wine purple coloured undersides, typical of many of the plectranthus species.

Choose a shaded to semi-shade location with a moist but well drained soil. Fertilise with a slow release fertiliser during early spring. A light pruning after flowering will help to maintain a neat shape and encourage denser growth of foliage. Should be given protection if planted in a more open situation (eg. no roof or tree canopy overhead) as it will not tolerate frosts or temperatures below -2 c.

Ideal for low light positions in the garden or containers under covered entertainment areas. Place around water features which offer some overhead protection or add some colour to a fernery. Its compact habit also makes it an ideal border for a shaded pathway or drive.

Position: Full sun to full shade

Height: 80cm

Width: 60cm

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