Rhodanthe - Paper Star 140mm Pot Rhodanthe - Paper Star 140mm Pot

Rhodanthe - Paper Star 140mm Pot

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Rhodanthe - Paper Star 140mm Pot

Rhodanthe anthemoides

Description of plant at maturity:
White paper flowers cloak foliage in spring, commonly known as everlastings. Soft, grey-green soliage forms a neat mount with a trailing habit. Easy to grow, ornamental native.

Will cascade over rocks, retaining walls, but also well suited to containers, small gardens or balconies.

Occasional deep waterings during extended dry periods is recommended. Plant in moist, but well drained soil. Best suited to a position in morning sun and afternoon shade. Prune back by approximately one third of overall sie after flowering. Feed with a slow release fertiliser for optimum results. ''

Position: Full sun/part shade

Height: 25cm

Width: 40cm

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